The Rise of Residential

Car-sharing has been around in one form or another for decades.  But in the last couple of years, there’s been an interesting new addition to the car-sharing family - and it’s that of Residential.  In a nutshell, Residential car-sharing is a car-sharing scheme where a small pool/fleet of cars is made available exclusively to the residents of an apartment block/complex.  Via the car-sharing app, you book your car very similar to how you would with a traditional car-sharing scheme - although rates/fess are often discounted.

So what’s in it for the developer/builder of the apartment complex? Valuable real-estate! In urban areas, builders/developers are almost always required to provide some level of parking for residents. This will vary country by country, city by city and even local council by local council.  For example in Dublin, Ireland, 1.5 parking spaces are required per apartment.  By providing a car-sharing scheme, less parking spaces can be approved by the planners - and potentially more apartments can be build in the same complex.  This offers significant revenue upside potential for the builders as well as offering a very attractive feature to the residents themselves.  A fine example of Residential car-sharing from our partners in General Motors is Maven+ offering services in NYC, Chicago and Washington D.C with more to follow.

At Good Travel Software we believe that this form of car-sharing, along with Corporate car-sharing (blog to come) could well herald a major new channel for the car-sharing industry.  Our recently released new car-sharing booking system has been developed to support multiple forms of car-sharing.  Check out our™ page on this website.