Car-rental has been around for decades.  But despite the blistering pace of technological advances over that same period, the process - or better said - the customer user experience - has barely changed.  Long queues at the counter.  Up-selling. Time-wasting. Time wasted.

But that's all changing.  A quiet revolution is going on within the industry.

At GTS we have the solution.  Using, our car-sharing mobility platform, we can have you up and running with an on-demand car-rental solution in a matter of weeks. See some of the key features below.  Call us.


Key Features


Total configuration control!

  • Per vehicle rates
  • Configurable invoicing
  • Late Fees
  • Max/min booking times
  • Cancellation limit
  • Time between bookings
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions


  • iOS and Android natively supported
  • Membership application
  • Lock/unlock via the App
  • Full reservation management

Seamless Fleet Management

  • In-car hardware integration
  • Vehicle setup and administration
  • GPS and location management
  • Telemetry reporting
  • Vehicle status alerts

Instant Payment

  • Automatically process payments, bill customers at time of booking & collect payments. Our third-party integration means you never have to manually bill your customers. 
  • Supports split payments, issuing of refunds and instant payment collection
  • The system generates a range of booking summaries and cost breakdown


  • Track detailed late returns by member/community
  • See all completed bookings along with revenue
  • See total revenue per station
  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file

Customer Management

  • The platform is designed for effortless user management. The easy-to-use administrative console simplifies customer management. 
  • Full oversight of customer booking and transaction history
  • Key customer management tools such as fine, ban, suspend and delete