"Our cutting edge skills in data management, statistical analysis, optimisation and software development can deliver a data revolution for your business"
Simon Wilson - Chief Science Officer.

Turn Data Into Profit!

  • All vehicle fleet businesses now collect large and complex data about their customers and other aspects of the business' activities.  The question is how those data can be used to optimise the business, whether that is to increase sales, reduce costs, access a new market or a combination of these.
  • We can help at all stages: advice on how data may be used to solve a problem or optimise a process, development and implementation of those solutions with appropriate software tools, and integration of the solution into existing client systems.
  • Our data science team has an existing set of tools, developed out of our Drop.car product, that can be used in many fleet optimisation tasks with little modification.  Alternatively we can work with you to develop a completely bespoke data solution where needed.