"The share.car™ framework gives large car share companies the ability to quickly launch new products into the market place.  Building on our years' of experience, the share.car™ framework is an easily adaptable base that gives companies all the tools that they need to get ahead in the industry and try out new offerings.  Available on an enterprise license, the share.car™ framework helps OEMs and car rental companies quickly become technology companies"
Peter Soutter, founder and CEO.

Share.Car™ Enterprise

SaaS solutions do not suit everyone.  Car-sharing is evolving fast and through the Share.car™ Framework GTS can give you the tools to stay ahead of the curve.  Build your own products on top of our base share.car™ system and develop products that you can call your own.  Having worked closely with GM on their Maven product, GTS know this form of bespoke car-sharing consultancy produces unparalleled results.

The Share.car™ Framework is GTS’s secret sauce. Our flexible domain driven framework can power your successful car-share operation. The Share.car™ Framework forms the foundation of our SaaS platform and can be orchestrated to meet your exact car-sharing requirements.

Out of the box our framework supports reservations, invoicing, messaging, localisation, reporting, damage tracking… the list goes on.  See below for our comprehensive feature set.


The first step is that we sit down with you and discuss your business goals/objectives.  For example, you may already have a specific product offerings in mind - or you may still be in the exploration/ideas phase.  Whatever stage you are along your journey, we can help you define and develop your ideas and plan your roadmap. GTS can offer consultancy, development and training through a range of professional service packages, to allow you to scale at the pace you have in mind.


With your guidance and our UX team, we will wireframe your proposed solution to solidify the product direction. Once complete and you're happy with the solution, we’ll begin writing User Stories to capture the concrete requirements which will drive the Agile development process.

Our engineering teams live and breathe car-sharing and understand exactly what it takes to build a scalable flexible product. Once the platform is ready for UAT, we can deploy the product on staging servers within your own hosting solution and then later promote to a production stack. If needed, we can train your own SysAdmins on how to manage the deliver the product.

When your product reaches a stage of maturity GTS will help you to in-source the development. This is a key stage for your business because car-sharing is a technology and software driven enterprise. GTS can write up your job postings and interview your prospective hires. Once your team is assembled we can then onboard your team and hand over the reins.

Key Features


Total configuration control!

  • Per vehicle rates
  • Configurable invoicing
  • Late Fees
  • Max/min booking times
  • Cancellation limit
  • Time between bookings
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions


  • iOS and Android natively supported
  • Membership application
  • Lock/unlock via the App
  • Full reservation management

Seamless Fleet Management

  • ** New ** Comprehensive damage reporting and tracking
  • In-car hardware integration
  • Vehicle setup and administration
  • GPS and location management
  • Telemetry reporting
  • Vehicle status alerts

Instant Payment

  • ** New ** Promo code discounts
  • ** New ** Set up complex tax rules in minutes with our easy-to-use Wizard
  • Automatically process payments, bill customers at time of booking & collect payments. Our third-party integration means you never have to manually bill your customers. 
  • Supports split payments, issuing of refunds and instant payment collection
  • The system generates a range of booking summaries and cost breakdown


  • Track detailed late returns by member/community
  • See all completed bookings along with revenue
  • See total revenue per station
  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file

Customer Management

  • The platform is designed for effortless user management. The easy-to-use administrative console simplifies customer management. 
  • Full oversight of customer booking and transaction history
  • Key customer management tools such as fine, ban, suspend and delete