"Dynamic shuttle busses are key to the future of mobility. Through accurate demand prediction our shuttle product increases passenger utilisation and means that busses no longer have to run along routes empty.  Our shuttle product is built on top of our share.car car sharing platform, allowing an operator to offer car sharing and shuttles through the same software package"
Peter Soutter, founder and CEO.

GTS Smart Shuttle

Are you an organization running a fixed route/timetable shuttle service? 

Or, a municipality trying to improve public transport systems? 

Or, a traditional Shuttle provider looking to provide an on-demand service?

Good Travel Software has the solution for you!

Since 2012 Good Travel Software has been building car sharing solutions for industry giants. We are now introducing Smart Shuttle as part of our suite of end to end shared mobility solutions.

How it works

Smart Shuttle uses its AI algorithms to provide analytics that enable efficient ridesharing by matching commuters with your best shuttle to get them from A to B. 

But the journey doesn’t end there, the trip data is analyzed and our AI not only improves customer booking and travel times it also gives your team concrete data analytics to enhance the performance of your entire operation.

GTS’ mobile apps not only meet customer demands, but when coupled with your operations they increase Ridership, create Driver and Fleet efficiencies and reduce congestion in your community.

Be among the first to run a pilot in your community.

Once your service is up and running then our data team will refine the analytics to optimize your solution to improve ridership and fleet capacity.

Let’s talk so we can get your opinion on the suitability of our service for your organization. 

Contact us today to view demos of our Simulators, Pilots, and Full Implementations.

Key Features


Back office system

  • Passenger assignment to Shuttle Trip
  • Dynamic adjustment of Shuttle Trip to accommodate addition of passengers
  • Billing Passenger for Shuttle Trips

Passenger app

  • Whitelabelled
  • Registration and login
  • Add/Remove Credit Cards
  • Book a seat on a Shuttle Bus
  • Tracking of upcoming and current shuttle trip

Driver app

  • Login (no registration permitted)
  • Transmission of vehicle location data to GPS APIs
  • Review schedule of upcoming booked journeys
  • Checking Passengers on & off
  • Telemetry reporting
  • Vehicle status alerts

admin web app

  • Add and manage Bus Stops & Routes
  • Register Drivers


  • Track detailed late returns by member/community
  • See all completed bookings along with revenue
  • See total revenue per station
  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file

Customer Management

  • The platform is designed for effortless user management. The easy-to-use administrative console simplifies customer management. 
  • Full oversight of customer booking and transaction history
  • Key customer management tools such as fine, ban, suspend and delete