GTS 3rd Party Integration

Adaptability is the key to success in an industry that is changing as quickly as the Mobility industry is. GTS’s incredibly flexible platform is integrated with many service providers from telematics to payment provision to business analysis. Our platform is modular and API driven this ensures any product or service can be integrated with quickly and with a minimum of cost or delay. 


GTS are world leaders in in-car hardware integrations. We support the 4 most popular and reliable carsharing hardware providers – Continental, Convadis, Geotab, and Invers. We have repeatedly integrated directly we cars via the car manufacturer’s own hardware. We are also integrated with Axa the leading bike lock provider. Multiple hardware integrations reduce vendor lock-in giving GTS’s clients a better negotiating position. While all the vendors GTS integrates with provide a core set of services and information, each vendor has specializations and GTS can advise which hardware vendor best suits your needs. We support Car, eCar, Bike, eBike, and Motorbike services.  

Payment Providers

GTS supports multiple payment providers including Stripe, Mercado Pago and Cybersource enabling our clients to quickly and securely set up payment processing for their mobility operations. 


Business Analytics, Marketing and Customer Service

GTS provides a suite of analysis tools directly on the platform but we recognize that many large organizations want to use Business Analytics tools like Power BI to integrate several data streams from across the organization. GTS supports this through our Power BI and Salesforce integrations. We provide pre-loaded reports to answer the important questions: Which vehicle models have the highest utilization rates? Which promotions work best and with which demographic group? Which stations/locations are driving the most revenue per unit? Where are the most profitable locations for new stations based on user data and behavior? What is the effect of price on utilization and revenue? What stage of the onboarding process do you lose most customers on – download, account creation, documentation upload?

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