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GTS is the world leader in mobility technology. From car manufacturers to city councils to on-street operators our technology enables some of the largest mobility services available globally. Dealership Rental, On-street carsharing, Car Subscription Services and Corporate Car & Bike sharing are among the many service types we support

In the twelve years since we started, GTS has seen so many changes in the mobility industry. We don’t believe anyone knows what the mobility services of the future will look like. But we do understand what the platform supporting the mobility services of the future will be like: Flexible, Modular, Easy to Integrate with 3rd party technologies, and Simple!

Simple for end-users, simple for operations teams, for customer support, for finance, for the entire organisation running the service. All of our feature and platform development is informed by the need to deliver a flexible and simple system to our clients and their customers. 



The GTS team adopts a collaborative and flexible approach to customer requirements and delivery.


Share.car is hardware agnostic and is currently integrated with a range of in-car hardware providers including: Continental’s OTA Keys, Invers, Convadis and GeoTab. We have also taken the same approach with payment providers and we are integrated with Cybersouce, Stripe and Mercado Pego. The design of our system allows us to add in new providers as needed.

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Our Dynamic Shuttle platform functions like on-demand e-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Instead of fixed stops, passengers are grouped together by travel time and destination. Passengers hail shuttles through the mobile app. The shuttle software’s AI capabilities dynamically route drivers to perform efficient pick-ups and drop-offs.


Drop.car is an application programming interface that is designed to be plugged in to your existing system to optimise your fleet and maximise revenue.  Our patented demand prediction algorithms understand patterns of demand across locations and time of day and use dynamic pricing to provide fleet balancing.

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