Affordable Mobility Providers

GTS is helping disadvantaged communities become more mobile

In many parts of the world public transport infrastructure is limited, which makes access to affordable mobility services vital.

GTS is proud to work around the world and particularly in the United States with a growing number of affordable mobility providers. Our platform is predicated on making such services accessible to people disadvantaged by economic circumstances and poor public services

It’s part of the GTS mission to change a culture of car ownership to car share and car subscription, which will better serve more people as well as the planet.

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Right Price

Our in-app sign-up process is configured to ensure users arrive at car share and car subscription options that are appropriately priced for their budget. 

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Areas poorly service by public transport can use our app to customise car share and car subscription services for precise locations, on a city-by-city, street-by-street basis. 

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Right Time

Affordable users need an always available service. The GTS platform makes it easy to book a car with pre-arranged pick-up/drop-off points.


Enabling Affordable Mobility Programmes

Features and benefits of the GTS Platform

Simple And Reliable

From in-app keys for unlocking vehicles to stored license and insurance documents, the service is built to be user friendly. Tried-and-tested over many years, it’s a robust and reliable service that’s monitored 24/7 by GTS.

Global Services

Multilingual and multi-currency, the GTS platform can be set up and configured to work anywhere in the world, with an easy-to-use app that makes cars available to people who were previously excluded.

Hard-Earned Experience

GTS has been a pioneer in affordable mobility for more than a decade. We’re on a mission to help different groups explore new forms of mobility that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Light-Touch Management

With a highly automated, self-service platform, GTS provides a range of service capabilities without requiring additional capital expenditure. Lean and efficient, it helps providers serve their communities without incurring huge overheads.

Maximise Assets

Our platform allows providers to test and grow services with minimal risk. You don’t need a large fleet of cars to trial a service and it can be rolled out with minimal administrative overheads.

Data-Driven Services

We aggregate data from different customer touch points across all our affordable mobility providers to better understand the behaviour of customers. Collated insights are used to inform strategies for growing the market.

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Why Affordable Mobility Providers Partner GTS

Global Experience

GTS has domain expertise in affordable mobility, having run programmes across the United States for nearly a decade. It’s a service we are passionate about; we know the societal value of delivering the right offering to the right users at the right price.

Instant Impact

It only takes a small investment to make huge change when it comes to car sharing. Small vehicle fleets expertly curated can go a long way (literally) in bringing affordable mobility to the areas where they are most needed.

Learn From Experts

Working at the coalface of affordable mobility, GTS knows what works and what doesn’t. We can advise providers on the most effective way to roll out services and take advantage of public funding programmes.


For some providers, affordable mobility may be just one service among many. GTS allows them to run multiple community services concurrently, each presenting clear and delineated propositions to different types of customer.