GTS Dealership Rental

Turn a desk-bound service into a seamless digital experience

Dealerships are frequently criticised for long-waiting times, hidden costs and poor customer engagement.

Problems arise from paper-based processes and desk-based services, tied to specific locations that make it hard to be flexible and customer focused. At GTS, we are disrupting car rental with a digital first solution, enabling dealerships to enter the market with a more personalised approach that transforms customer service.

Dealerships can run different types of rental service from our CaaS platform via a single application

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Multiple Branches

Use our platform to customise your rental service proposition across a group of dealerships, tailoring rental services – opening hours, car choice, optional extras – to meet market needs in different locations, all visible to the customer through a single, downloadable app.
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Digital Only

A no-desk, digital service can be run virtually through our white label app, which provides an end-to-end service for customers, from booking a car and making the payment to in-app maps that show designated pick-up and drop-off points.
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Hybrid Services

Combining a digital and desk-based service means every type of rental customer can be catered for, from high-value businesspeople who want a car delivered to an address to travellers who want to pick up the car at a specific destination, such as an airport.


Faster Turnaround

All rental processes – license verification, insurance cover, payment – are handled in-app, which mean no queues or delay for customers when they’re ready to pick up their car.

Adding Extras

Optional extras, from insurance to children’s car seats, can all be signed-up in the app rather than negotiated at a desk, which makes people more likely to choose them.

Scalable Solution

The GTS platform can be scaled to run rental services from a single dealership or across a chain, with each outlet able to customise propositions to meet local demand. 

Premium Services

Establish high-value customer relationships by delivering a car to a person’s workplace or home, all enabled – from onboarding to booking – through the app.

Showroom Services

The rental business can be used by dealers to support other parts of the business, offering extended test drives, for example, or supplying replacement vehicles during a service or repair. 

Open All Hours

A digital service means you’re never closed and cars are always available to rent, enabled by in-app keyless access to vehicles and maps showing designated pick-up/drop-off points.

Lifetime Value

Renting can be the first step in lifetime engagement, a way to let customers try out cars, moving them up the value chain to a subscription service and possibly a purchase. 

Actionable Insights

Using GTS analytics, dealers can explore the effectiveness of their rental services, what works and what doesn’t, ensuring a path to continual improvement and increased profitability.