GTS Car Sharing

Easy for dealers to implement and a great experience for customers

The barrier to profitable car sharing, a convenient and cost-effective alternative to car ownership and car-pooling, is the complexity that comes with new business models.

Success depends on delivering a great customer experience and making multiple service types easy for dealers to manage. We cut through complexity with our platform, facilitating all types of car sharing through a single app. Dealers can maximise the value of their assets with short-term rentals, typically charged on an hourly basis, and serve a growing customer base that doesn’t want the hassle of vehicle ownership. 

Serve three car sharing customer groups with a one-stop solution:

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On-Street Car Share

An urban transportation service that allows individuals to rent vehicles for short periods, picking up and returning vehicles to designated parking spaces. Meets the needs of people in geographic areas or social circumstances that make car ownership challenging.
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Corporate Car Share

An alternative to car-pooling, it avoids the expense of investing in large fleets that are expensive and undermine ESG sustainability strategies. Businesses can be set up to personalise the service, making cars available to employees at weekends, for example.    
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Residential Car Share

Urban communities with limited space and parking facilities, such as residential apartment blocks, are coming together to form car sharing groups that spread the costs and are a perfect fit for short-term use, with fast and easy access to vehicles.  
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Why Choose GTS for Car SHARING

Fast Deployment

All rental processes – license verification, insurance cover, payment – are handled in-app, which mean no queues or delay for customers when they’re ready to pick up their car. 

Easy to Scale

Optional extras, from insurance to children’s car seats, can all be signed-up in the app rather than negotiated at a desk, which makes people more likely to choose them.

All-In-One App

The GTS platform can be scaled to run rental services from a single dealership or across a chain, with each outlet able to customise propositions to meet local demand. 

Multiple Business Models

Establish high-value customer relationships by delivering a car to a person’s workplace or home, all enabled – from onboarding to booking – through the app.

Seamless Operations

The rental business can be used by dealers to support other parts of the business, offering extended test drives, for example, or supplying replacement vehicles during a service or repair. 

Flexible Service

A digital service means you’re never closed and cars are always available to rent, enabled by in-app keyless access to vehicles and maps showing designated pick-up/drop-off points.

Customer Engagement

Renting can be the first step in lifetime engagement, a way to let customers try out cars, moving them up the value chain to a subscription service and possibly a purchase.

Sustainable Solution

Using GTS analytics, dealers can explore the effectiveness of their rental services, what works and what doesn’t, ensuring a path to continual improvement and increased profitability.