GTS Car Subscriptions

Corporate and consumer services provide a cost-effective alternative to car ownership

Subscription services are a strong fit for consumers and corporate customers that want flexibility, convenience and variety in their car choices

Terms of service can be tailored to different lifestyles and budgets – from high worth individuals moving to a new city, to someone with credit issues that precludes them from buying a car. Dealers use GTS to seamlessly make subscription services part of their retail proposition, a way to extract more value from vehicle assets and provide a cost-effective and more personalised alternative to renting.

A digital first solution, it’s flexible enough to support different subscription needs

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Because the service is simple and convenient to use – subscribers can register, choose a vehicle and arrange pick-up from a single app – customers ae more likely to return and treat it is as a viable alternative to car ownership.
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For travellers or corporate customers, where access to a car may require a month-to-month subscription, dealers can offer an affordable alternative to renting that’s more personalised and better tailored to a customer’s needs. 
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Car Trials

Subscriptions are a great way for dealers to sell new cars – a try-before-you-buy scheme, encouraging customers to test out particular vehicles, to swap them around and experience different makes and models before making an purchase. 


Speed To Market

A GTS subscription service can be set up inside two weeks, with our white label app branded to the dealership, and integrated with the backend of the business.

Personal Service

Using GTS analytics, dealers can personalise their subscription services by knowing what works and what doesn’t for a client, ensuring a path to continual improvement.

Easy to Scale

Our cloud-based service gives you control and agility, enabling car subscription services to be scaled quickly and adapted to local market demand and demographics.

All-In-One App

An end-to-end subscription service is started and completed in the app, from customer onboarding with license verification to payment and pick-up.

Multiple Business Models

Different car subscription services can be run from the same app, where each community can be segregated with different vehicles, features, functionality and pricing tiers.

Flexible Service

Our agnostic approach and open APIs enable integration with your existing business, and seamless connectivity to a range of software tools and payment platforms.

Open All Hours

A digital service means you’re never closed and cars are always available for subscription, enabled by in-app keyless access to vehicles and maps showing designated pick-up/drop-off points.

Lifetime Value

Subscriptions can be the first step in lifetime engagement, a way to let customers try out cars, moving them up the value chain to a possible purchase.