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GTS helps digitally transform car dealerships and unlock new revenue streams

Disruption is rife across the car industry as tech firms and start-ups leverage digital technologies to build closer relationships with customers.

The GTS Platform facilitates rental, sharing and subscription services that enable dealers to build lifetime partnerships with customers, simply and quickly. Services can be set up in minutes without any extra investment in assets and no disruption to the existing business. It’s a way to digitally transform a traditional business and innovate around new revenue streams.

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Services can be set up in minutes without any extra investment in assets and no disruption to the existing business.

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Optimise Assets

The car fleet, geographical location and employees are all assets that can be utilised in new ways by the GTS platform. Launch new services in minutes thanks to light-touch, highly automated processes that won’t disrupt the business
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Enhance Engagement

Forge lifetime customer relationships by giving them a great experience and providing multiple services – from rental to subscription to purchase –  all the time gaining insights that tell you what you need to earn their trust and loyalty.
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Explore New Services

Every dealer location is different, which is why our platform’s ability to run several business models concurrently is a game changer. Find out what works with your customers; explore new revenue models with minimal risk.

Enabling Business Transformation

Features and benefits of the GTS Platform

New Business Models

Move away from pureplay car sales by exploring rental, sharing and subscription services directly from the dealership, and indirectly by setting up business-to-business corporate and community groups to explore carpooling services.

Simple And Reliable

From in-app keys for unlocking vehicles to stored license and insurance documents, the service is built to be user friendly. Tried-and-tested over many years, it’s a robust and reliable service that’s monitored 24/7 by GTS

Light-Touch Management

At the core of the service is a user-friendly app capable of running multiple services with low overheads in terms of customer support. The leading-edge technology has been adopted by dealerships around the world.

Leverage Existing Assets

Having invested in a geographical network of locations, the vehicle inventory and the people to run the outlets, dealers have all the infrastructure and resources needed to unlock new revenue channels with the GTS Platform.

Fleet Tracking

Keep track of all cars across different services in multiple sites; maximise their availability and minimise overheads in managing them. Ringfence vehicles for particular services and tailor in-app information to specific user groups.

Reward Programmes

Nurture closer relationships with customers, using the engagement data that GTS generates to offer personalised one-off deals, such as a short-break loan of a high-value SUV at a special discounted rate.

Future Proof Services

The transition to EVs means reduced maintenance and downsized service departments, one of many reasons why dealerships need to explore new business models. The GTS Platform offers innovative opportunities for growth.

Digital Transformation

Like every other disrupted business, the way to stay competitive is through new technologies and digital transformation. GTS simplifies the journey, providing a digital toolkit for unlocking new revenues streams.


Why Dealerships Partner GTS

Dealership Expertise

GTS has run some of the largest programmes for dealers around the world, helping them explore new opportunities, all the time learning about regional differences that have been accommodated in our platform.

Highly Adaptable

Different countries have different demands – from car makes and models to price points that align with the local economy. They can all be configured in our platform, along with the different flexible mobility models that will be the best fit for the dealer’s location.

Mobility Partner For Life

Dealers become lifetime mobility partners their customers, able to adapt to changing requirements, always available with fair deals and propositions that anticipate what’s needed at different points in the customer lifecycle.

Seamless Integration

GTS technology supports seamless integration with a dealership’s back office. Existing inventory software and CRM solutions can be used with our platform, allowing flexible mobility models to be embedded in the business, not run as a siloed division.

Scale And Grow

A digital solution hosted in the cloud, the GTS platform is all about scale and flexibility. When a flexible mobility model works, it’s easy to expand and launch into multiple markets, adjusting prices and car model availability to different regional needs and dealership preferences.

Data-Driven Services

We aggregate data from different customer touch points across all our use cases to better understand the behaviour of customers. Collated insights are used to inform dealership strategies for growing flexible mobility propositions.

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