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We believe that simplicity is key to successful software.  GTS software is feature rich but also easy to manage. Highly configurable, our systems put you in control of your fleet. 

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Your business runs on data.

  • Which vehicle models have the highest utilization rates?
  • Which promotions work best and with which demographic group.
  • Which stations/locations are driving most revenue per unit?
  • Where are the most profitable locations for new stations based on user data and behavior?
  • What is the effect of price on utilisation and revenue?
  • What stage of the onboarding process do you lose most customers on – download, account creation, documentation upload?

Through GTS’s powerful reporting integrations we can tell you all of this information and more. 

Even the right information can have a limited effect without the experience to interpret it and take action. GTS’s dedicated account managers work with clients to help them turn information into insight. We then advise on practical actions clients can take to optimise the system for their unique circumstances.  

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