GTS Analytics

Data at every stage of the customer lifecycle is captured by GTS to drive continual improvement and identify new business opportunities

GTS provides clients with actionable insights to ensure business success. We collect, collate and analyse data generated by GTS Cloud and GTS App in a data warehouse in Microsoft Azure. Each client has access to insights through dashboards and reports in a dedicated portal, which informs strategies for continual improvement and growth. 

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Fine-tune every part of the customer journey to optimise business models and give customers a better experience; use data to be proactive and prevent issues that risk disrupting the quality of the service.
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By analysing customer behaviour and buying decisions, providers can develop sophisticated personas and better target users with personalised services that match their budgets and tastes, helping build loyalty.
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Finding out what works and what doesn’t is the key to profitability, made easy with GTS where data collection at key points in our ecosystem provides insights into the services that generate the most revenue.

Features and Benefits

Optimised Business

From where share cars are located to the best price to charge for corporate carpooling, GTS Analytics helps businesses make the right strategic decisions. 

Early Insights

We leverage the latest in data science, including AI-powered machine learning, to empower flexible mobility providers with insights into everything from user behaviour to fraud detection.

Maximise Occupancy

Crucial for the success of any flexible mobility model is ensuring car occupancy is as high as possible for the longest period possible – all enabled with GTS analytics.

Dedicated Portal

Every GTS client has access to a dashboard in a secure portal, where data can be cut-and-diced, visualised in reports, and A/B tested for possible outcomes. 

Automated Alerts

Car performance insights or reckless driver behaviour data can trigger alerts for scheduled maintenance or re-evaluation of a customer’s terms and conditions.