A one-stop smartphone app for every flexible mobility use case that delivers a great customer experience

A simple-to-use app for Android and iOS is at the core of our customer-centric approach. GTS App is a one-stop solution for both provider and customers, with a rich mix of features and functionality. Log in to a single app for an end-to-end experience delivered in a user-friendly way, from booking and payment to pick-up and drop-off using GPS and in-app maps.

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A great customer experience is fundamental for flexible mobility solutions to be viable, which is why our software team continually monitor and adapt GTS App, and why we always engage with clients on making improvements.

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GTS App has been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of users from different demographics for over a decade, subscribers to every kind of flexible mobility proposition from service providers in more than 120 countries.

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Every user’s identity is managed and protected, ensuring they only see the flexible mobility proposition they are subscribing to, with special offers and a range of services that our clients can tailor to their needs and budget.

Features and Benefits

Highly Configurable

One app serves multiple communities, allowing flexible mobility providers to experiment with different services in different areas. 

Seamless Experience

Every step in the app has been fine-tuned over the years to deliver an exceptional customer experience and build loyalty. 

Try Before They Buy

As soon as customers download and open the app, they get a great insight into the service – cars to share in their area, for example, that encourage them to subscribe.

Partitioned Services

Customers only see the service that they’ve signed up for, including special offers and features tailored to their taste and budget.

Know Your Customers

GTS App usage can be tracked and analysed in GTS cloud, giving providers unprecedented insight into a customer’s behaviour and preferences. 

Lifetime Value

Because the app can carry multiple services, flexible mobility providers can transition customers through different services as their life circumstances change.

White Label Service

Flexible mobility providers can customer GTS App with their own branding to start building a closer relationship with their customers.

Monitor and Measure

Every customer engagement with the app tracked with a view to our developers continually improving the experience.

Customer Data

The accumulation of customer data on behaviour and service preferences makes it possible to generate more revenue from engagements.

Revenue Opportunities

In-app purchases present additional revenue-generating opportunities, such as selling insurance, adding a roof rack or a car seat.

Faster Issue Resolution

Using the smartphone camera and a built-in time stamp, the GTS App makes light work of user’s reporting car damage or other issues.