GTS Cloud

A robust and versatile platform for car industry stakeholders to join the flexible mobility revolution

Running on Microsoft Azure, the GTS Cloud leverages all the technical benefits of one of the leading hyperscale platforms, including Microsoft’s $1 billion investment in security and compliance. As well as mitigating risk, Azure provides our developers with the perfect environment to build a platform with technical benefits for the flexible mobility marketplace

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With all the key features of a compelling flexible mobility proposition made available as a cloud service, GTS Cloud clients can pick and choose components and see what works best for them in different markets. 

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Flexible mobility propositions can be spun up in new markets quickly and easily from GTS Cloud, combining repeatable processes with service adjustments to meet different client needs and regulatory requirements. 

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A ‘pay as you grow’ subscription service, GTS Cloud clients can try different flexible mobility models in multiple regions and pay for them as an operational expenditure, with no capital investment in IT hardware needed.

Features and Benefits


Clients can experiment with flexible mobility solutions in a robust and reliable environment, the result of over a decade’s software development by our expert team.

Third-Party Integration

We developed an SDK and use open APIs to ensure easy integration with a wide range of software, from payment applications to CRM solutions. 

One-stop Repository

GTS Cloud provides a platform to host all critical components needed – from in-app keys for unlocking vehicles to stored license and insurance documents. 

Multiple Partitioned Services

Run multi-community models concurrently, with the end customer only seeing the service they have signed up for and the branding our client chooses.

Booking Engine

GTS hosts a car booking system that can be configured for local prices, taxes and surcharges – and be ready to launch inside two weeks.

Customise Propositions

The booking engine allows for fully configurable pricing and different flexible mobility models, from daily rentals to longer-term subscriptions.

Data-Driven Services

 GTS Cloud enables bespoke reporting and knowledge sharing across different markets, leveraging our work with data scientists and AI-powered analytics.

Monitor and Measure

Each client has dedicated analytics portal where they can dig down into dashboards to unlock actionable insight that will inform business decisions.

Know your customer

The accumulation of customer data on behaviour and service preferences makes it possible to create lifetime value out of engagements.

Fast Track Transformation

GTS Cloud supports our clients on their digital transformation journeys by de-risking the opportunity to explore new business opportunities.

Fleet Management

With GPS tracking, telemetry and damage monitoring, GTS Cloud gives granular visibility into flexible mobility usage to help optimise the car fleet.