GTS Consulting

Our team will advise on the best flexible mobility strategies, drawing on
10 years’ experience at the frontline of global projects

Working with some of the biggest car companies and dealerships in the world has given GTS unmatched experience at delivering successful flexible mobility business models in over 120 countries.  Today, the market for shared mobility is growing fast but success depends on finding the right model for different geographies, economies and demographics. We advise on it all, from turning a subscription customer into a car buyer to focusing on sustainable mobility.

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We help transform desk-bound services into a seamless digital experience, leveraging the latest technologies to help flexible mobility providers forge close relationships with customers through a range of propositions.

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Through our deep knowledge of the car industry and stakeholders across OEMs and dealerships, we have the experience to help you make the culture change from selling and renting cars and propel you into the flexible mobility era.

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Scaling a digital business will be a new challenge to traditional car businesses, which is why we advise on all aspects of the journey, from choosing the right flexible mobility model for a location to ways of optimising the car fleet.

Why Work with GTS

Global Knowledge

We have a physical footprint in 25 countries and the experience of working with different legal and regulatory regimes in over 120.

Shared Goals

Your success is our success because our cloud service is about forging long-term relationships with clients, and growing with them.

Unlock New Revenue

Through a combination of GTS Analytics and our first-hand experience, we help clients navigate common pitfalls and shortcut the path to scaling a flexible mobility business and driving profitability. 

Data Expertise

One of the GTS founders is a leading data scientist and thought leader on stochastic modelling, a form of financial analytics that is used to help make investment decisions. 

Stakeholder Knowledge

Every employee in a traditional car business will be impacted by the transition to flexible mobility – we understand their roles and can drive adoption of the new service tools. 

Customer Value

We know the inside track on a big win with flexible mobility, being able to develop lifetime value with your customers, achieved by matching services to their changing needs. 

Customer Experience

GTS consultants can help navigate common pitfalls that undermine flexible mobility, such as a poor customer experience that fails to personalise the service.

Customise Services

Every flexible mobility provider is different and we frequently innovate on their behalf, using our software development team to build out new features and functionality.