Municipalities and Corporates

GTS enables municipalities and corporate groups to explore different models, simply and quickly

New mobility solutions are being embraced by diverse communities as well as the car industry, but new business models only work if the service can function simply and easily without massive overheads.

For residential groups, there is the promise of car sharing in urban areas where car ownership is problematic because of limited parking. For corporate car sharing, it provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional company car schemes. Both use cases will also benefit from the environmental sustainability attributes of flexible mobility services.

The GTS Platform enables municipalities and corporate groups to explore different models, simply and quickly. Leases and rentals are all handled through the GTS platform, along with different tiers of service, enabling or restricting access to types of vehicle, for example.

flexibility and configurability

Allowing users to create a unique carsharing business

Drive savings for Corporate customers

Support more journeys for a great number of companies and staff whilst also reducing the total cost of mobility

Shared cars = Better Value

A vehicle is an expensive resource, through GTS’s carsharing technology vehicles can be booked more frequently making the cost per journey lower than traditional corporate leasing

Save on Parking & Mileage Costs

Shared fleets reduce the need for private vehicles at the office, saving on valuable parking space. Shared vehicles also reduce taxi costs and mileage charges made by staff

Better Results with Less Admin

GTS’s community Admin feature allows each corporate to manage its own fleet. Set booking rules, rates, and memberships in seconds. Admins have clear data points to drive decisions leading to better results

Paid for Personal Trips

When fleet cars are not being used for business (at nights and on weekends). These vehicles can be rented to staff, generating income and reducing the overall cost of mobility


GTS’s carsharing platform and services support Municipal, Corporate, Residential, and University carsharing allowing for flexibility and configurability for customers to create a unique carsharing business

The GTS platform offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional company car schemes.

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Low-Cost Of Entry

Set up in days with the scope to run different flexible mobility models concurrently. The GTS platform is the perfect way to explore new mobility solutions that provide a cost-effective alternative to buying or renting cars.

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One-Stop Platform

Users access services via a simple-to-use app and operators run an easy-to-manage solution. Booking and payment processes are built in; closed-group communities can be targeted with specific service options.

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Environmentally Friendly

Climate change action to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution has accelerated the transition to EVs and flexible mobility models, all of which can be enabled by the GTS platform, a great enabler for green mobility solutions.    


Enabling Community Models

Features and benefits of the GTS Platform

Simple And Reliable

From in-app keys for unlocking vehicles to stored license and insurance documents, the service is built to be user friendly. Tried-and-tested over many years, it’s a robust and reliable service that’s monitored 24/7 by GTS

Light-Touch Management

With a highly automated, self-service platform, GTS provides a range of service capabilities without requiring additional capital expenditure. Lean and efficient, it helps communities serve their stakeholders without incurring huge overheads.

Adapt And Change

If something’s not working, change it. Our platform gives instantly visibility into the effectiveness of different flexible mobility models being deployed. It provides a cost-effective way to identify and pursue the services that are the most popular.

Maximise Assets

Our platform allows communities to test and grow services with minimal risk. You don’t need a large fleet of cars to trial a service and it can be rolled out with minimal administrative overheads.

Scale And Grow

A digital solution hosted in the cloud, the GTS platform is all about scale and flexibility. When a flexible mobility model works, it’s easy to expand and launch into other locations, adjusting prices and car model availability to different community needs.

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Why customers Partner GTS

Hard-Earned Experience

GTS has been a pioneer in flexible mobility for more than a decade, on a mission to transform car manufacturers into mobility providers. We are constantly exploring innovative ways to unlock new business models for the industry.

Learn From Experts

Working at the coalface of flexible mobility solutions, GTS knows what works and what doesn’t. We can advise communities on the most effective way to roll out different flexible mobility models, locally or regionally.

Training Support

Closed community customers often start from scratch with flexible mobility, which is why we offer training, introducing people to our digital platform, showing them how new business models can be set up in minutes and developed over years.

Data-Driven Services

We aggregate data from different customer touch points across all our user groups to better understand the behaviour of customers. Collated insights are used to inform community strategies for growing flexible mobility propositions.