Municipalities & Corporations

Flexible and Configurable Carsharing for Municipalities & Corporations

GTS’s mobility technology is designed to help closed groups such as Residential, Campus, Corporate and Municipalities build and grow successful car and bike-sharing strategies. Through the platform’s community function, customers can enable or restrict car/bike access to a specific group such as residential buildings, student or corporate campuses or open the fleet up to everyone in a group, community, or city.

Corporate leases and rentals are all handled through the GTS platform

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GTS’s carsharing platform and services support Municipal, Corporate, Residential, and University carsharing allowing for flexibility and configurability for customers to create a unique carsharing business

Corporate Car Sharing

Support more journeys for more staff and reduce the total cost of mobility.

Drive savings for Corporate customers

Support more journeys for a great number of companies and staff whilst also reducing the total cost of mobility

Shared cars = Better Value

A vehicle is an expensive resource, through GTS’s carsharing technology vehicles can be booked more frequently making the cost per journey lower than traditional corporate leasing

Save on Parking & Mileage Costs

Shared fleets reduce the need for private vehicles at the office, saving on valuable parking space. Shared vehicles also reduce taxi costs and mileage charges made by staff

Better Results with Less Admin

GTS’s community Admin feature allows each corporate to manage its own fleet. Set booking rules, rates, and memberships in seconds. Admins have complete control and clear data points to drive decisions leading to better results

Paid for Personal Trips

When fleet cars are not being used for business (at nights and on weekends). These vehicles can be rented to staff, generating income and reducing the overall cost of mobility

WE HAVE Unrivaled Experience Working with MunicipalitieS

GTS have 10+ years experience working alongside Municipalities to help build their mobility vision for the future through the use of our Carsharing and Demand Responsive Transport technologies.


The GTS Mobility platform offers the flexibility needed to meet and exceed our partners’ requirements for car and bike-sharing. We work with customers as trusted advisors, using our years of experience to help build a solution that works for your city

"GTS’s expertise in mobility technology has really benefitted our Smart City program; helping us to anticipate and adapt to the future mobility needs of the city."
Jamie Cudden
Smart City Programme Manager. Dublin City Council

GTS University Campuses & Residential Car Sharing

A Unique Car Sharing Community for Universitites and Residential Properties. GTS’s Multi-Community platform embraces that spirit of freedom and flexibility.

Reduce the need for parking and the associated costs by offering a car sharing alternative.  Share.Car offers white labelled iOS and Android mobile apps with everything that you need from door lock / unlock, book a car, view and report damage, drivers license upload, registration & membership management, promo codes, view past trips.  Get creative with your own branding and colours.  Fast to set up, we can have your bespoke app to you in a matter of days. 

The Share.Car admin dashboard gives you complete control of your car sharing environment.  At the click of a button you can manage rates, users, vehicles, stations, payments, in-car hardware, rules, terms and conditions, taxes, promos, damage, admin roles and KPIs.  And while it’s packed with tons of useful information and analytics,  Share.Car’s intuitive design means it’s a joy to use.

"Working with GTS has been nothing but exceptional. With a growing start up, we required expert assistance and reliability, which GTS provided seamlessly
Matt Best
Founder Student Car Share Australia


GTS Platform’s multi-community structure allows the creation of separate communities all within one app.

With Share.Car’s unique MULTI COMMUNITY platform you can spin out as many car sharing set ups as you like, at no extra cost! Customize the rules for each different city, university, campus, faculty or whatever other area you want to grow. No other car sharing software can match that flexibility.


Each community could be a :

  • Region (city, country) 
  • Brand 
  • Type of product 
  • Dealership 
  • Franchise
  • Location

Each community can have

  • Unique Pricing
  • Rules
  • Currency
  • Bank Accounts

Seamless Integration transparent to the member.

Shared Attributes transparent to the members.

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