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GTS propels OEMs into the era of flexible mobility solutions

Disruption is rife across the car industry as tech firms and start-ups leverage digital technologies to build closer relationships with customers.

Automotive OEMs can reassert their place in the car ecosystem and future proof their role with flexible mobility solutions enabled by GTS. Our platform facilitates rental, sharing and subscription services that build lifetime partnerships with customers.

Flexible mobility models can supplement and even replace traditional car sale services, but it’s a big change that calls for digital transformation.

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Our platform is the enabler, allowing OEMs to explore new market opportunities with minimal risk and maximum reward.

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Low-Cost Of Entry

Use our platform to customise your rental service proposition across a group of dealerships, tailoring rental services – opening hours, car choice, optional extras – to meet market needs in different locations, all visible to the customer through a single, downloadable app.
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Lifetime Value

A no-desk, digital service can be run virtually through our white label app, which provides an end-to-end service for customers, from booking a car and making the payment to in-app maps that show designated pick-up and drop-off points.
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Continual Improvement

Combining a digital and desk-based service means every type of rental customer can be catered for, from high-value businesspeople who want a car delivered to an address to travellers who want to pick up the car at a specific destination, such as an airport.

Enabling OEM Business Transformation

Features and benefits of the GTS Platform

Maximise Assets

Our platform allows OEMs to test and grow services with minimal risk and explore new opportunities with existing assets. You don’t need a large fleet to test out a service and it can be rolled out with the staff you already have in place.

Simple And Reliable

From in-app keys for unlocking vehicles to stored license and insurance documents, the service is built to be user friendly. Tried-and-tested over many years, it’s a robust and reliable service that’s monitored 24/7 by GTS

Personalised Services

Provide the right service at the right time, matching propositions to the expectations and budget of each customer. Sometimes it may be rental, other times a subscription service – the endgame is to ensure an ongoing customer relationship delivering lifetime value.

Light-Touch Management

With a highly automated, self-service platform, GTS expands service capabilities without adding to operational overheads. Lean and efficient, it enables OEMs to grow new revenue streams without adding to the number of people employed or geographical locations.

Adapt And Change

If something’s not working, change it. Our platform gives instantly visibility into the effectiveness of different CaaS models being deployed. It provides a cost-effective way to identify and pursue the services that are the most profitable.

Mobility Partner For Life

OEMs become lifetime mobility partners their customers, able to adapt to changing requirements, always available with fair deals and propositions that anticipate what’s needed at different points in the customer lifecycle.

Seamless Integration

GTS technology supports seamless integration with an OEM’s back office. Existing inventory software and CRM solutions can be used with our platform, allowing tailored mobility models to be embedded in the business, not run as a siloed division.

Scale And Grow

A digital solution hosted in the cloud, the GTS platform is all about scale and flexibility. When the proposition works, it’s easy to expand and launch into multiple markets, adjusting prices and car model availability to different regional needs and dealership preferences.

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Why OEMs Partner GTS

Features and benefits of the GTS Platform

Hard-Earned Experience

GTS has been a pioneer in flexible mobility solutions for more than a decade, on a mission to transform car manufacturers into mobility providers. We are constantly exploring innovative ways to unlock new business models for the industry.

Brand Perception

Constant engagement with customers and analysis of every touchpoint informs marketing strategies and ways to keep the car brand in people’s minds. 

Inside Knowledge

Having worked closely with some of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet, we understand the pressure points that OEMs face, the importance of stakeholder engagement, and the value in finding ways to innovate without exposing the business to risk.

Training Support

OEMs must go through a huge culture change to adapt to the new market forces in the car industry. GTS can help, training people to be comfortable with a digital platform that can set up new business models in minutes.

Learn From Experts

Working at the coalface of flexible mobility solutions, GTS knows what works and what doesn’t. We can advise on operational structures and the most effective way to roll out different flexible mobility models, regionally and globally.

Data-Driven Services

We aggregate data from different customer touch points across all our use cases to better understand the behaviour of customers. Collated insights are used to inform OEM strategies for growing new market segments.


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