Right Place, Right Time, Right Price

Running an on-street operation demands exceptional customer service. Customers expect there to be an available vehicle when they need it – a short walk from their work or home and they expect it to be charged at a price that feels like value for the service. 

Data-Based Decision Making

GTS’s powerful reporting analyses user behavior over time helping on-street operators place stations at the most profitable locations with vehicles priced to maximize profits over the longterm. Maximizing vehicle utilization may drive down profits in the long term if customers can never get a vehicle when they need it. The GTS platform allows an operator to test and refine the KPIs that work best on city-by-city, street-by-street basis. 

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Ready to Go when you are

You want it done yesterday! We don’t do time travel but we can get you up and running in two weeks if you need to be. It’s as simple as 1,2,3: 

  1. Choose a hardware provider from our extensive list of quality vetted vendors. 
  2. Open an account with one of our payment processors (Stripe, Cybersource, Mercado Pago) 
  3. Provide us with your branding, images and colours and we’ll build you apps and scheme within 2 weeks

But we don’t stop there,,,

We advise you before launch in planning the service. We support you during the launch and the inevitable teething problems that come when staff and customers are getting used to a service. We stick with you for the long haul, providing you with the right information and insights to refine your service and deliver profitability. 

Change is a constant

The mobility landscape is changing all the time.

  • Want to trial providing corporate car-sharing services?
  • Want to add in bike sharing to create corporate mobility hubs?
  • Want to try out longer term rentals via a subscription service to your best customers?

The GTS platform has that functionality waiting for you to use it. So while change might be constant due to GTS’s constant innovation you’ll always be ahead of the curve. 

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