On-Street Operators

GTS helps on-street operators to deliver an efficient, reliable service to its customers

Always-available car sharing services are among the most disruptive models challenging the traditional car buying and rental sector.

On-street operators facilitate a new type of mobility service, accessed via an app. It’s a digital first business that GTS enables with our Car-a-a-Service (CaaS) Communities Platform. Running an on-street operation demands exceptional customer service. Users will expect a vehicle to be available when they need it – a short walk from their work or home – and they will expect to pay a fair price that reflects the value of the service. 


Our platform is predicated on addressing all the issues that might stand in the way of a great customer experience. 

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Right Time

No queues or delays, an app-based on-street service is the viable alternative to car buying that customers want. With license and payment details already stored in the GTS app, they can book a car immediately.

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Right Place

Choosing the right pick-up and drop-off points is essential for the business. Analysing GTS data ensures you place stations in the most profitable places and identify what works best on a city-by-city, street-by-street basis.

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Right Price

Matching price points to user budgets is pivotal. The GTS platform is a flexible solution, where the app can be configured to ensure the subscriber only sees the price points and car models that are right for them.

Enabling A Digital Business

Features and benefits of the GTS CaaS Communities Platform

Personalised Services

GTS’s powerful reporting tools analyse user behaviour over time, helping on-street operators fine-tune their service, not just on where to place pick-up stations but on the best-fit car model/prices for each customer.

Speed To Market

Set up an operation in days on the GTS platform. Because it allows for low cost of entry, you can experiment with different features and functionality to find out what works best in particular locations.

Maximise Car Utilisation

GTS is a cloud service that collect and collates data to optimise how small and large car fleets can best be utilised. By identifying ‘hot spot’ locations, for example, customers are better served and the business will be more profitable.

Build A Brand

The GTS platform is a white label service where the branding can be personalised to your company. For on-street operators, we essentially provide a business platform, customisable to your unique propositions.

Integrated Back Office

Our open technology ensures seamless integration with a range of business applications, including payment gateways and CRM software. Being hardware agnostic allows our customers to be more agile and flexible.

Franchise Opportunity

The GTS platform makes it easy to set up separate communities and create a franchise operation, where revenues can be split and cars shared to give micro businesses the leverage of a much bigger enterprise.

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Why On-Street Operators Partner with GTS

On-Street Expertise

The challenge is providing a service that is agile, reliable and user-friendly enough to engage customers who don’t have time for delays. Over a decade, GTS has run extensive programmes for on-street operators around the world, building up a knowledge base of what works best.

Cloud Service

The GTS platform is run from the cloud with all the advantages it brings in terms of scale, agility and flexibility. Perfect for on-street operators, it’s about operational rather than capital expenditure, avoiding investment in IT assets that are challenging to maintain.

Highly Adaptable

Different countries have different demands – from car makes and models to price points that align with the local economy. They can all be configured in our platform, along with the different on-street models that will be the best fit for the operator’s location

Data-Driven Growth

When an on-street operation works in one street or town, it’s easy with the GTS platform to expand and experiment with new locations, all the time learning in a process of continuous improvement.