Why Choose GTS?

As the automotive industry goes through a period of unprecedented disruption, GTS provides stability by helping manufacturers and dealerships reassert their leadership role in a fast-changing market. We do this with flexible mobility business models, developed over many years and dependent on our unique collection of attributes.

Global Footprint

Working with OEMs and dealerships in Europe, North America, South America and Australia, we have unique experience in adjusting flexible mobility models for very different markets and economies.   

Customer Ownership

By personalising the customer experience, with different tiers of vehicle, pricing schemes and in-app features, we target different demographics with best-fit propositions. 

Booking Engine

Our app’s car booking system can be configured not just for different makes/models, but for local prices, taxes and surcharges – and be ready to launch inside two weeks.

Customisable Solution

A self-service platform, it can quickly be adapted to different countries and market opportunities with multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-car functionality.

Data-Driven Services

Working with leading data scientists and AI-powered techniques, we use data insights to stay close to customers and optimise new services.  

Tested Technologies

For over a decade we have been leveraging the latest technologies, and constantly exploring innovative ways to unlock new business models for the car industry.

Software Excellence

Our technical experts were recruited to bring the very latest software development methodologies to work in an industry transitioning to a software-driven sector. 

Third-Party Integration

Our APIs ensure seamless integration with a range of applications, including payment gateways, telematic software and CRM platforms.


Four components make up the GTS Platform


Our cloud platform has the scale and flexibility to support any flexible mobility model, allowing you to create a subscription service that can be scaled globally, at the same time as deploying dealer rental across continenets and on-street carsharing across cities.


A simple-to-use app is at the core of our customer-centric approach. It uses a three-step process, from registration to booking and an intuitive pick-up/drop-off process, with optional extras to further personalise the customer experience.


Leverage advanced AI-powered analytics to capture data at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Improve efficiency, build customer loyalty, increase profitability and ensure continual improvement from both a dealer/OEM and customer perspective.


Benefit from our experience, 10 years working on flexible mobility projects with some of the biggest car companies in the world, as we advise on everything from turning a subscription customer into a car buyer to focusing on sustainable mobility.

Multiple Business Models

Our platform enables dealers to spin up their own community instances, and generate recurring revenue via a single customer app. Regional and urban flexible mobility communities include:

New Communities Concept

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Long-term customer relationships can start with a rental scheme, taking young drivers on a journey through different car models, giving them a great customer experience, possibly to the point of purchase.

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Corporate Pooling

Companies are replacing their fleets of per-person cars with sharing schemes that are more economically viable, better for the environment and make a valuable contribution to ESG frameworks.

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Businesses need flexible leases for key projects. Individuals sometimes can't get car finance immediately. In this instance putting them on your subscription program can add value for you and solve their mobility needs.